Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Side Effects of Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing can lead to side effects such as bacterial infections, excessive bleeding, nerve damage, dental damage, kelloid, allergic reaction and severe pain. Tongue piercing is cool to have but it is also necessary to take enough precautions to avoid suffering the negative effects of tongue piercing.
A case in point is a study quoted in the British Dental Journal where a healthy 19-year old girl collapses after attending a party and the reason ascertained is serious tongue piercing infection done few hours before attending a party where she collapses. In 2005, The Telegraph also mentions an instance in which a teenage boy succumbs to blood poisoning after lip piercing.
Avoid such or worse kind of situations by knowing these six side effects and take precaution/s in advance.
6 Side Effects of Tongue Piercing
1) Gum Problems- The tongue barbells placed after the piercing can cause problems to the gums because of repetitive rubbing of the barbells with the tongue or the inner side of the tongue. In severe cases, the damage has to be surgically corrected.
2) Severe Infection- Tongue is one of the organs which when cut can cause profuse bleeding. Further, the mouth is full of bacteria and if the piercing process is not carefully executed, it can cause severe infection, cause the area to become swollen and in some cases, it has to be surgically cured.
3) Neuralgia- The American Medical Association reports a case in which a girl experiences stabbing pain lasting 10 to 30 seconds about 30 times a day. No amount of medication helps. Finally, the doctors remove the metal stud from the pierced tongue and within two days, she is perfectly fine. This is a classic case of neuralgia, also known as "suicide disease".
During the piercing process, the nerves surrounding the area can be ruptured without the knowledge of both the parties and later, it causes problems like the reported case. Hence, it is important to get the piercing done from an experienced and knowledgeable person to avoid neuralgia.
4) Getting Stuck- If the barbell is not properly setup, it can dislodge itself and wind down the bronchial pipes and get stuck in intestines. If the person is lucky, the barbell can be flushed through bowel movement but as medical cases have shown, it has to be operated and removed.
5) Risk of HIV or Hepatitis- Any kind of body art should be done with gloves and sterilized instruments. It is worth every penny to visit a reputed clinic to get piercing done. Use of unsterilized instruments can cause HIV or Hepatitis.
6) Oral Cancer- Tongue swelling, speech impediment, deep cyst and nerve damages are some of the symptoms of oral cancer. Oral cancer can happen because of drugs, smoking and unhygienic piercing methods. In extreme cases, a condition of endocarditis may also develop. Endocarditis is a condition in which the bacterium enters the blood stream and the heart valves get irreparably damaged.

Your Best Emotional Life Starts Here

Many of life's emotional stresses, shocks and challenges are out of our control. We don't know when they're going to happen, we don't want them and we'd choose differently if we could.
Then also, many of life's emotional rewards can seem too few and far between - again, feeling way too far out of our control.
Yet there are some key aspects of our emotional lives that are within our control. And the good news is, that taking charge of those things that are within our control can increase life's emotional rewards, decrease the stresses and shocks, and help us weather them more easily when they do occur.
Each of these various activities can all be summarized under the heading, "taking care of emotional ground zero."
This is the part of our emotional lives that has to do with our very BEING - in other words, our existence. To minimize the stresses and negatives in life and increase the positives, we need to focus first and foremost on strengthening and improving these aspects of our lives because they contribute to our survival.
And as we do this, we support the health and repair of the physical systems that keep us alive: our digestive, respiratory, eliminative, immunologic and circulatory systems.
For example, consider where you stand as you answer each of the following questions. Then, being informed and aware of what you need to change you can decide to make improvements where you need to:
1. Do I get enough sleep, and is it of high enough quality - deep, uninterrupted, restorative rest?
2. Do I feed myself nutritious food in sufficient amounts with high enough quality and variety while minimizing intake of fake and/or toxic substances?
3. Do I get enough air - do I breathe deeply enough, ventilate rooms adequately, do what I can to keep the air of high quality?
4.To what extend is my attitude toward myself positive, nurturing, supportive?
5. Do I give myself enough down time, so that I allow myself to be a human being instead of a human doing?
6. Do I build and encourage relationships that support my right to exist and honor my needs and feelings, while taking constructive steps to free myself from those that are abusive, critical, or downright toxic?
Paying attention to and improving these aspects of our lives that are within our control, we build a firm internal foundation that can withstand the inevitable storms and earthquakes might otherwise shatter us.

4 Simple Ways To Reduce Tummy Fat

Nobody could blame you for wanting to know how to reduce tummy fat. Just picture yourself with that wonderfully toned tummy you're after. You'll look and feel great when you lower your waist size!
I think you will agree that having to get some new clothes due to belly fat loss is not the worst problem in the world to have!
But if you are having a little trouble shedding those pounds, then what can you do? Let me show you just a few simple things you can do every day to get your belly down to size and looking great.
Carry A Water Bottle Everywhere You Go
Most of recognize just how important drinking water is, but how many of us actually do it? If you are looking to get a smaller tummy, then it's extra important. Sometimes when we get thirsty we default to drinking things like coffee and soda, which hardly help hydration and weight loss. Having a bottle of water ready will ensure that you can always take a sip when you need it.
Eat Healthy Snacks Throughout The Day
Would you believe that a lot of people are afraid to snack because thing doing it will add pounds to their belly? That's pretty unfortunate because snacking can be one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to reduce tummy fat. That's because it actually requires calories to burn food.
Eating appropriate portions more frequently will keep your insulin nice and even while your body more efficiently burns fats. Some great on the go snack items include apples, peanut butter, almond butter, nuts and vegetable chips.
Remember To Always Read The Labels
There are plenty of packaged foods with labels saying how healthy they are. You might be led to believe that eating them will help you lose tummy fat. While there are certainly many legitimately healthy foods that don't have harmful ingredients, you always have to watch out.
Some foods will have a substantial amount of added sugar and even unnecessary calories. Worse, you could even ingest some nasty preservatives or other chemicals! Always be careful to choose simple, fresh foods with ideally only a few ingredients.
Get Help And Encouragement
Hey, you don't have to do this alone. Whatever goal for reducing tummy fat you have, don't be afraid to ask for help from your friends, family and even a personal trainer.
It's completely normal to need some emotional support when you are slimming yourself down, and a positive, encouraging reference group will likely be exactly what you need to pull yourself through the times when otherwise it seems hard to stay motivated.